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Clients and Friends
Clients and Friends


Last night my wife Keri and I were attending a concert in Des Moines. It is about about a 3 hour drive from our home in Dubuque. We were very excited to see Michael Franti and Spearhead. In between the acts I went to go get us a drink. As I am walking by, out of the blue a young man asks me, ” Is your name John?” I said yes and he looked very familiar to me. I was surprised first of all that anyone would know my name so far from home. Just as he was telling me his name I remembered that we were the DJ entertainment for their wedding in 2012. It was such a great feeling to first of all see them again and that they are doing great. But what impressed me is that they remembered me out of all of those people in the crowd and it was almost 2 years afterwards.

A while back when Keri and I were starting this business I was speaking to a DJ friend of mine I met on Facebook and have come to respect for his wisdom and support when I had questions etc. He told me that his clients were more than just customers, that they are friends. I loved that philosophy and molded it into our business plan. And I have always felt that the brides and grooms  we work with on the most special day of their young lives were friends first, and then clients. So a big thank you to Ed Spencer in Pensacola Florida.(

So to Mr & Mrs Peterson I want to wish a very Happy 2 year anniversary on July 28, 2014. And thank you. thank you for reinforcing that what we do is more than play music for a fee.


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